Best Biodegradable Straws

An overview of dozens of biodegradable straws, their prices, different company missions and where to buy them.

Alternative Afterlives #3: Capsula Mundi

Credit: Capsula Mundi   Capsula Mundi (Life Capsule) is an Italian service similar to previous examples I have found which want to create forest cemeteries. They will take bodies or ash and encase them in a dirt pod, plant them and then plant a tree on top so that it can absorb the nutrient. The…

Sustainability #7: Lego Going Green

Lego, everyone’s favorite toy for building as a kid (unless you’re me and preferred K’Nex, the superior brand) is going to begin the start of its green era. They have been designing and creating Lego parts that are derived from a plant-based plastic, reducing their dependency on petroleum sources to generate their plastic play lands….

Zero Waste

Amborella Organics – focuses on lollipops which contain seeds in their sticks Website  My Article Biotrem – create biodegradable cutlery & tableware Website  My Article Biovessel – a small pot capable of growing plants from food scraps Website  My Article Britvic: soda manufacturer shifting from trash to recycling plastics Website  My Article The Bulk Market –…

Sustainability #5: HomeBiogas 2.0

I had previously talked about the company HomeBiogas and their invention which allows you to deposit food inside of it which will be broken down by bacteria into a gas that can be used in your home. They have improved the design of HomeBiogas and now have the HomeBiogas 2.0 model. Currently, they are running…