This is the variety of robots being developed that I’ve covered.

Combat Robots

These are robots used for fighting in militaries or at least in police forces.  Fedor /

Racing Robots

These are robots, small or large, which will be used to race each other.  Furrion /

Entertainment Robots

These are different robots which are used for entertainment purposes only.  Titan the Robot / Letrons / GJS /


I found this article on the recent robot duel which had information that I hadn’t heard of before regarding the future of the robot fighting league MegaBots imagines. A modification they want to make to the robots is to standardize the cockpits and make them safer while another is to create modular parts which would…

Eagle Prime vs. Kuratas

Credit: MegaBots Inc The original gentlemanly declaration to engage in mechanized melee.    The time we have all eagerly waited for has finally arrived and the wait has been sweetened with every sneak peak and shot of vehicular carnage. Billed as the “World’s First Giant Robot Fight”, the upcoming bout (will there be rounds?) between…

The Real Life Robots

I will be keeping a running list here of all the robots that I’ve cataloged for easy access if you’d like to see how many there are. The main difference between robotic technologies, which I have separated, is that I’m looking for fully functioning, autonomous machines capable of interacting with the world. That is the…

Automated Food – A Mechanical Menagerie Special Series

Automated #2: Self-Driving Delivery Domino’s: a self-driving delivery car FZI: an automated bratwurst flipper Little Caesars & Sprinkle Cupcakes: food ATMs A futuristic and automated food truck design A study on the jobs which will be replaced by robots. Automated Food #1: Automation Runs Wild! Zume: automated pizza restaurant (close to a factory) Plant Power…

Automated Food #1: Automation Runs Wild!

Let’s talk about automation! The great trend sweeping the nation with firings, mechanical advancement and more! We’ve got pizza, burgers, coffee and even plants. Let’s get started with some fresh pizza! Zume Credit: TechCrunch Credit: CBS Evening News Zume is a partially automated pizza restaurant/factory? I’ll take you from start to finish ensuring you understand…