A collection of different hologram technologies I’ve found.


A variety of new technologies aimed at changing the way people are transported around the world.

Farout, New Caledonia, Amborella, Rocket Lab – 12/19/2018

Space A new dwarf planet, 2018 VG18 Farout, has been discovered at 120 AU (astronomical unit) from the Sun, 120 times farther than our Earth and 3.5 times farther than Pluto. It’s waaaaay out there, like really….farout. You can probably guess where the name came from. The dwarf planet, announced by the International Astronomical Union’s…


The list of new drone concepts emerging around the world


This is the variety of robots being developed that I’ve covered.

Sustainability #7: Lego Going Green

Lego, everyone’s favorite toy for building as a kid (unless you’re me and preferred K’Nex, the superior brand) is going to begin the start of its green era. They have been designing and creating Lego parts that are derived from a plant-based plastic, reducing their dependency on petroleum sources to generate their plastic play lands….

Zero Waste

Amborella Organics – focuses on lollipops which contain seeds in their sticks Website  My Article Biotrem – create biodegradable cutlery & tableware Website  My Article Biovessel – a small pot capable of growing plants from food scraps Website  My Article Britvic: soda manufacturer shifting from trash to recycling plastics Website  My Article The Bulk Market –…

2000: Airport Kiosks

Here is a forum post talking about how US Airways has installed kiosks at the Ronald Reagan National Airport and Logan International Airport. Created by IBM they used touch screens which at the time was a novelty since we were still in the age of buttons. https://www.flyertalk.com/forum/us-airways-dividend-miles-pre-2005-america-west-merger/114822-us-airways-introduces-self-service-kiosks-airport-ticket-purchase-check.html   For more articles related to technology go…