Zero Waste

Amborella Organics – focuses on lollipops which contain seeds in their sticks Website  My Article Biotrem – create biodegradable cutlery & tableware Website  My Article Biovessel – a small pot capable of growing plants from food scraps Website  My Article Britvic: soda manufacturer shifting from trash to recycling plastics Website  My Article The Bulk Market –…

2000: Airport Kiosks

Here is a forum post talking about how US Airways has installed kiosks at the Ronald Reagan National Airport and Logan International Airport. Created by IBM they used touch screens which at the time was a novelty since we were still in the age of buttons.   For more articles related to technology go…

Combat Robots

These are robots used for fighting in militaries or at least in police forces.  Fedor /

Racing Robots

These are robots, small or large, which will be used to race each other.  Furrion /

Fighting Robots

These are robots which I classify as being used to compete for fun or sport however they are large robots and not the smaller ones used for home entertainment. MegaBots / Great Metal / FutureWise /      

Entertainment Robots

These are different robots which are used for entertainment purposes only.  Titan the Robot / Letrons / GJS /

Real Life Robots #3: Prosthesis

Credit: Furrion We have already seen the slow-mo start to mech fighting in MegaBots ambitious Japanese venture, viewed by millions of people online. With such an amazing start the future for mech fighting is looking up. Furrion is another company with a mech and a video and they’re all ready to compete…….in racing. Furrion decided…

MegaBots News

Credit: MegaBots Inc. This page will serve as a component to Real Life Robots so that I can update you on MegaBots without creating a new issue for every new video or announcement they make.  MegaBots Kickstarter Cancelled? Iron Glory vs. Eagle Prime MegaBots Kickstarter, launched and failed Book A Ride RoboDrill An article on…

1999: Web Pay Phones

I find this article fun to read just for the nostalgia factor of having to pay for internet by the minute because people wanted Internet on the go. This article talked about a new trend right on the cusp of the new millennium; Web pay phones, which, if you can remember, you have a better…

Real Life Robots #2: A New Chinese Contender, FutureWise

A new robot has emerged in the world of giant fighting robots. MegaBots posted a video to their YouTube channel showing the company FutureWise and their robot, xx21. They demonstrate its weapons, maneuverability and moving its arms. I wanted a more thorough demonstration to see how it would work in a battle but we’ll have…