Pre-Publishing Update #1

Currently the progress on my non-fiction history book is going well. I’ve separated them into several categories to fulfill all of the different concepts that I want to present. Before it truly resembled a jumbled mess of everything! I’ve also come to appreciate the true scale of writing for a book but more over the…

YouTube Excellence #2: Geography Now

Credit: Geography Now It’s time to learn Geography NOW! This is the catchy start to the YouTube show, Geography Now. A favorite of mine for years, it features its host, Barby (cool Aussie word, also girl’s doll), goes over, in general, each country that exists in the world which has been recognized by the U.N….

MakerSupport & The Patreon Feeasco

  Credit: Dissent Report (MakerSupport needs a YouTube channel!!! Just a suggestion) This is a Table of Contents for all the materials addressed here. There is a large amount of information and videos here so if you’d like to skip to a section use the table below. Read it carefully as I have gone through…

YouTube Excellence

YouTube Excellence #2: Geography Now A channel describing every country on Earth YouTube Excellence #1: Primitive Technology A YouTube channel focusing on creating tools and materials from scratch using primitive methods of construction.  

Roman Empire Maps

So I found these maps recently of the Roman Empire. The first has some interesting details about the Roman provinces in general while the second is far more detailed and carefully constructed. If you’d like to see the general spread of the Romans overtime look at the video below by EmperorTigerstar, a map creator on…