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The amount of trash and waste in our world is unacceptable. All of the wasted resources, energy and human labor is pointless to the extent of carelessness and apathy. These issues need to be addressed in a sensible and pragmatic method. In Sustainability, I’ll highlight specific endeavors committed to the principles needed to ensure our lives evolve into this new way of thinking. For the sake of preserving our environment, sustainable measures are not only desirable but essential. I’ve divided different methodologies into several main categories which will enable you to navigate this page a little better. 

Alternative Afterlives – different methods for using your body after you have died aside from traditional burials

Forestry – anything pertaining to planting, aiding, protecting, tracking or monitoring plants, but mainly trees

Green Energy – experts across the world are exploring cleaner methods of generating energy other than nuclear or petroleum

Zero Waste – focusing on reducing the waste you produce to near zero levels


Automation – 

Hoverbikes – following the new technology of hoverbikes as well as related technologies

Robotics – cataloging robots on the cutting edge of innovation (most are big stompy mechs though)

Nation States

Here I will be recording changes to nations including their borders, names, status and any other manner in which they change.


Historic & Scientific Findings

Welcome to the news center of Tome of Trovius where you will see the latest articles concerning archaeological & scientific research.  

Historic Findings (1-20) (21-40)

  • Roman Findings (1-20)

Scientific Findings (1-20

  • Space Findings (1-20)

The Annals of Archaeology (2016) (2017) (2018)

This is a collection of the research in history that I’ve released as articles or posted as links year by year, separated into different continents/regions.  


A series focusing on animals; their behavior, their intelligence and their lives.

Animals #6: The Intelligent Chimp

  • Chimpanzees
  • Gibbons
  • Caterpillars
  • Giraffe

Animals #5: The Crab That Wasn’t, Bee Beard

  • Lobsters
  • Toucans
  • Cockatoos
  • Crocodiles
  • Bees
  • Look inside for a book

Animals #4: The Sugar Reward & 1 White Owl

  • Owls
  • Bees
  • Bats

Animals #3: The Bear and The Bee

  • Bear
  • Bee

Animals #2: Sloths

  • Sloths

Animals #1: The Brilliance of Orangutans

  • Orangutans