Trovian Square

This page is for all of my content that doesn’t fit into one of the available pages. I don’t want to create one hundred pages for everything so it will be easy to assemble the smaller topics here.

Science (1-20)

History (1-20)

Art (1-20)

Food (1-20)

Photos (1-20) (21-40)

Beauty of Nature (1-20)

YouTube Excellence (1-20)

SEKA Museum (KBMSandbox-)


MakerSupport & The Patreon Feeasco

  • Discussing MakerSupport, Patreon, Minds and Kilroy

YouTube Excellence #1: Primitive Technology

  • A YouTube channel focusing on creating tools and materials from scratch using primitive methods of construction.

Roman Empire Maps

  • Check out some cool maps!

M-1 Global

  • Knight Fighting MMA (no, seriously)

The Mummy

  • Learn about mummies

Fact: The Roman Colosseum was built with Jewish Money

  • That Colosseum wasn’t built with just anyone’s money

Alien Hunt

  • Let’s find some aliens!

MIT Sets Nuclear Record

  • MIT sets another record

Spray on Skin!

  • Spray on skin!

Asgardia Update 1

  • An update on Asgardia


  • Sell your genome

A Second Skin

  • An artificial skin

You Have A New Organ

  • The Mesentery

Bee Soccer

  • Watch bees push balls

New Science: 23andMe

  • New genetic testing

A Fourth Chocolate Exists

  • Discusses the new ruby chocolate

Art #2

  • Spongebob Anime
  • Kate Kato’s Insects
  • Gum Wrapper Art
  • Sushi Art

Art #1

  • Tree of 40
  • Pomato